Kim On 90 Day Fiance

A New 90 Day Fiance Spoiler Reveals Usman’s Family Hiding Him

Kim Menzies and Usman Umar have been struggling to make their relationship work, yet it seems like they’re still not getting there. It isn’t that they aren’t committed to each other; but as they try to move forward with family issues in the mix, progress seems to be slowing down.

One major hurdle preventing them from moving forward is Usman’s family’s unwillingness to accept the marriage. Ultimately, the couple hopes that they can overcome these obstacles and eventually get engaged and married.

According to a new spoiler sneak peek from the show, couples must work even harder if they want to take things further and become engaged. Menzies is going to have to come up with some tough arguments in order to convince Usman’s family that she deserves his top wife title.

Another significant obstacle the couple is facing is a restraining order issued by Usman’s family, which means he cannot leave the country without their approval.

Despite all this, Usman remains in love with Kim and has no plans to part ways anytime soon. In fact, he may even bring her home to America someday.

Fans of the 90 Day Fiance series may have noticed Kim’s hair color changing recently. She’s gone lighter and added more blonde to her locks.

She recently got a new haircut, giving her face a much more mature appearance. The former service manager from San Diego, California has an impressive work ethic and strives to perfect her skills in culinary and hospitality operations.

Recently, the show’s star shared a photo of her hair with Instagram followers to showcase how beautiful she looks after spending some time with her hairstylist. It appears she looks much more like the woman fans fell in love with on the reality TV show.

Kim’s new hairstyle is far more natural-looking than when she first joined the show. While she keeps her original dark roots, Kim has made a switch in color to match her complexion.

Her new hairstyle adds some dimension to her eyes and skin tone, as well as giving her a more vibrant smile than when she first joined the show.

If you’re a fan of the 90 Day Fiance series, then you may have noticed Kim’s impressive work ethic. She’s been involved with hospitality and service industries since childhood and even managed a restaurant before making her reality TV debut.

She has experienced her share of struggles throughout her career, yet never let them define her. Instead, she uses them as motivation to work hard and focus on what matters most in life.

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