Kia Sedona Oil Pressure Switch Recall

KIA Sedona Oil Pressure Switch Recall

Kia Recalls 139,844 Model Year 2006-2007 Sedona, Sportage and Sorento Vehicles Due to Malfunction of Stop Lamp Switch

If you own a 2006-2007 Kia Sedona or Sorento minivan, there is the potential that its stoplight switch might not be functioning correctly, leading to various issues including lights not turning off when brake pedal is depressed and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) warning light staying illuminated; this could have happened due to improper assembly or damaged switch mechanism.

No crashes have been associated with this issue; however, if your lights do not dim when pressing the brake pedal, a stop lamp switch replacement could be necessary. You should consult your local KIA dealership for further assistance and, if required, replacement.

KIA has issued an expanded recall of 27,029 2017 Sportage SUVs due to a defect with their accessory trailer hitch module that could cause an electrical short and an increased fire risk. This issue stems from a defective inner oil seal which leaks oil, leading to circuit board failure and potentially fires; additionally, such modules may lead to trailer brake lights staying illuminated even when turned off or in Park.

Problems have also arisen with Kia vehicles equipped with the 1.6-liter Theta II GDI four-cylinder engines, manufactured by Hyundai and found in many Kia vehicles. Hyundai issued multiple investigations and recalls related to engine fires that damage other components. Kia and Hyundai both upgraded their engines’ software in order to detect connecting rod bearing issues more easily; should vibrations occur, their new software will tell the engine to shut off immediately instead of continuing running and potentially damaging other engine components.

A flashing check engine light is always an indicator that something critical to the operation of your car has been damaged or compromised, requiring immediate action from you when seeing this light – pull over as soon as it’s safe and call a tow truck immediately!

Never drive with the Check Engine light illuminated as this could result in catastrophic engine failure, leading to accidents or even deaths. Furthermore, an oil pressure sender switch malfunction can spark engine fires as too much oil flows into the crankcase and overheats your engine, potentially leading to an explosion that poses risks to everyone in the vehicle – particularly children and pets.

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