Kfc Double Crunch Sandwich

KFC Double Crunch Sandwich

KFC is bringing back its iconic Double Down sandwich – first introduced in 2010 and selling over 10 million sandwiches before it was retired in April 2014 – for a limited run of four weeks starting September 27.

The Double Down’s new and improved version is certainly extraordinary, weighing in at 950 calories – more than twice what a Big Mac (550), yet less than five Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburgers (1,060). Plus it packs plenty of salt and saturated fat – perhaps making this not ideal if you’re watching your diet! And its massive structure requires firm gripping with double-breaded chicken dripping grease down onto fingers for ease of eating!

KFC is exploring various approaches to creating its Double Down sandwich to make it simpler and less messy for customers to manage. One such method combines one extra crispy chicken filet, two slices of bacon and The Colonel’s real mayo; or try their Spicy Double Down which features their signature spicy sauce instead.

For those not in the mood for an extravagant Double Down meal, KFC now offers a “delectable upgrade” in the form of its Double Crunch sandwich – touted as a delicious upgrade from its Crispy Colonel offering. The double crunch sandwich boasts one quarter-pound all white meat double-breaded Extra Crispy chicken breast filet, 20 percent larger than normal Crispy Colonel portions, served on a buttery brioche bun with thicker pickles and your choice of toppings (via Serious Eats). It features the same seasoned coating found on its Double Down counterpart but has also been soaked in buttermilk to soften its meat while improving texture (via Serious Eats).

KFC’s new sandwich, the Double Crunch, is currently being tested in various cities around the country. Available at select locations in Louisville, Kansas City, Portland and St Louis if successful – KFC may return it permanently onto their menu and rival Popeyes’ famous fried chicken sandwiches that have long been available there!

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