Kenji Lopez Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup Tricks From Kenji Lopez-Alt

No soup dish stands out more in terms of popularity than tomato soup. Easy enough for home chefs to create, its versatility in flavors is almost limitless; yet what really sets each recipe apart are its unique techniques that give each bowl of tomato goodness its signature flair – something The New York Times shows through this collection. Even adding one or two ingredients can transform a basic bowl into something truly remarkable; smart shortcuts may speed up this process so that a delicious pot of homemade tomato soup arrives faster at your table!

Kenji Lopez-Alt, cookbook author and blogger behind Serious Eats Food Lab who is adept at demystifying recipes through science, has an innovative method for thickening soup using bread instead of cream or butter; the result is lighter yet creamier than anticipated! Using this same approach in many other soups gives them delicious creamy textures!

Lopez-Alt uses wild rice to thicken the broth of this recipe, even though it’s technically not considered rice but instead an aromatic grass found throughout North America’s Great Lakes region. Wild rice’s unique combination of nutty flavor and hearty consistency make it an excellent replacement for flour in this delicious soup that also features vegetables and chicken. A long simmer helps dissolve all those vegetables while thickening into an aromatic and delicious soup broth!

This tomato soup goes beyond your traditional run-of-the-mill tomato soup by using short ribs instead of the more gelatinous beef shins and tendons typically found in tomato dishes. A package of unflavored gelatin helps break down and tenderize the meat, while adding sugar gives this delicious treat its signature sweetness without adding extra calories. A traditional taste comes through thanks to oregano and red pepper flakes as well as long cooking times which heighten flavors further.

One of the more traditional techniques for quick, simple tomato soup involves adding pasta and butter, but this recipe goes one step further by creating its base using onions and garlic that have been caramelized in butter before adding vegetable stock, canned tomatoes, and tomato paste. Boil until all vegetables have softened before pureeing with an immersion blender – add sugar for some added sweetness if desired, but the outcome should still remain light and creamy!

Waiting for the soup to cool before transferring to a stand mixer takes most of your time in this recipe; however, regular blenders work just as well. Following an initial blend, the recipe instructs you to slowly drizzle olive oil, creating an emulsion which lightens and creamifies the texture. Finally, season and garnish it with chives, pecorino cheese, and drizzles of additional olive oil before serving!

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