Kendall Jenner Fembot Costume

Kendall Jenner Steps Out in a Daring Jessie From Toy Story This Halloween

Kendall Jenner donned a daring Jessie outfit from Toy Story for Halloween this year. While some might have objected to her skin-baring ensemble, many of Jenner’s celebrity friends and admirers applauded her for taking such a risk.

It’s no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner family loves a good costume. What’s even more impressive is their knack for pulling off each look with impeccable style.

Kendall Jenner rocked a daring Jessie look from Toy Story for her 2022 Halloween party. The model donned a pink dress and an iconic blonde wig to recreate the character’s look from the Disney movie.

Jessie completed her look by wearing her signature cow-print chaps and an upholstered red cowboy hat. For added sexiness, she even added pigtails to her hair for extra drama!

Her sisters Kim and Kylie also joined in on the fun this year with various costumes. Both models donned Jean Paul Gaultier’s Bride of Frankenstein look as well as a textured bandage mummy-like top holding a prop knife that featured Frankenstein scars along her cheek.

Though some might have questioned their skin-baring outfit, it’s no secret that the Kardashian-Jenners enjoy a good Halloween costume. Every year they always seem to go all out for their parties – and this year was no different!

Fans of The Powerpuff Girls will always remember them as one of the most beloved shows from the ’90s. Jenner took an edgy approach to this iconic character by wearing a black mini skirt, thigh-high boots, and finishing off with an eye-catching green bob wig.

Jenner dressed up as a FemBot from Austin Powers for her 2018 Halloween celebrations, which garnered many Pinterest boards. To complete the look, Jenner posed in a bathroom mirror wearing an all-black outfit with sheer black gloves and a feather-trimmed witch’s hat.

The iconic fembot look from the series, Game of Thrones, has become a timeless classic that many celebrities are revisiting this year. Kendall Jenner’s version is especially cute and offers an enjoyable alternative to the traditional witch costume.

Kendall Jenner has always had a deep-seated passion for video games, which was evident when she and model BFF Cara Delevingne donned Mario and Luigi outfits for their Halloween festivities in 2014.

Their costumes, featuring green shirts with Mario’s red cap and blue shirts with Luigi’s green cap, received over one million likes on Instagram. Not only did the two look adorable in their costumes – which received tons of comments from celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge and Normani – but their creativity also won them praise from some prominent personalities.

Kendall previously donned an edgy take on the classic “Toy Story” costume in 2017. She donned a black mini skirt, thigh-high boots, and bikini top to channel Buttercup’s style from The Powerpuff Girls.

Stormi Webster also donned butterfly wings to match her mom’s look for their first Halloween as parents.

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