Kelly Ripa Sister Car Accident

What Happened to Kelly Ripa Sister Car Accident?

Kelly Ripa is an acclaimed talk show host and actress with countless fans around the globe. A loving mother and wife, she puts family first while actively engaging with fans on social media, providing an inside glimpse into her private life. However, Live With Kelly & Ryan co-host has experienced immense personal tragedy; Linda was involved in an accident which nearly cost her her life in May 2010.

Linda Ripa was involved in an unfortunate car accident during her pregnancy that resulted in multiple injuries, including a crushed pelvis which forced the unborn baby against its sac and into the amniotic sac, but miraculously remained safe after birth. Following this traumatizing event, Linda had to remain bedridden for one year and undergo various surgeries; Kelly, Linda’s sister was an enormous source of support as she would come visit frequently.

She filed a lawsuit against Menachem Meller for botching the surgery that caused her injuries and won, receiving $15 Million as compensation to help pay off debts and care for her son.

According to her Instagram profile, she is married and the proud parent of three children – Michael Joseph Consuelos, Lola Consuelos and Joaquin Antonio Consuelos as well as a grandson named Wyatt. Additionally, she graduated from Eastern Regional High School and proudly considers herself an American citizen.

She gained recognition as an accomplished dancer when PHL17’s Dancing on Air show was picked up by USA Network and rebranded as Dance Party USA. Additionally, she is an award-winning children’s book author.

What Happened in Kelly Ripa Sister Car Accident

As previously discussed, Linda was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in multiple injuries including fractured pelvis and sternum fractures while seven months pregnant at the time. Due to his DUI status, Linda’s driver ended up serving six-24 months of jail time.

Ladybug Blues author Janis Ian is an outspoken opponent of drunk driving. In addition, she provides support and assistance for victims of domestic abuse and violence. Since 2000 she has also worked as a television producer.

Her other projects include a radio show and television production company called Milojo. She currently resides in New Jersey with Mark, their children, and Linda’s son. While Linda may not be very active online socially; rather she may be raising him by herself while remaining private in terms of relationships – possibly living alone and possibly single if that is where she currently resides – for more details, click here!

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