Katie Malone Parasailing Accident

Katie Malone Was in a Parasailing Accident in Mexico

On April 29th, Santee woman Katie Malone was celebrating her 29th birthday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when an intense parasailing accident happened. A storm snapped the wire connecting her to the boat and carried her for 45 minutes by high winds. According to her brother Brendan, his sister passed out during flight and they had no choice but to pray that she wouldn’t die. Afterwards she suffered fractures to her skull, pelvis, ribs and facial lacerations from flying.

Her family fought to bring her home and receive treatment for the complications from the trip, including an enlarged pituitary gland that was making her unwell. Friends and family rallied to raise more than $20,000 so she could fly back, enabling life-saving surgery that couldn’t be completed while in Mexico.

She’s now back in California and recovering at the hospital where she was initially injured. Doctors anticipate a full recovery, but have advised her to remain in the US for another six months so that she can build up strength and continue healing from her injuries.

The 29-year-old was on vacation with her mother and sister when the incident occurred. As they made their way to the beach in their boat, a storm moved in and caused it to capsize – leaving her untethered. For 45 minutes she was tossed around by strong winds before colliding into an airport terminal.

On landing, Katie fell into the water near an alligator and had to be distracted by first responders in order to save herself. She sustained serious injuries such as a fractured skull, broken pelvis and ribs, plus an collapsed lung.

Sidona Malone, her mother, expressed that her daughter is “delighted to be back home.” She hopes the accident serves as a reminder not to embark on dangerous adventures again.

Parasailing can be a thrilling activity, but it’s one that should only be attempted with expert guidance and safety protocols in place. Furthermore, companies offering parasailing often bear responsibility for injuries sustained if their operator fails to train them adequately or weather or equipment failure leads to an accident. It is also essential for people to remember that parasailing companies often hire experienced guides as backup in case something goes awry during a flight.

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