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Katie V Canham – The Cast of Buckhead Shore

MTV has long been considered the leader of reality TV. From The Real World to Laguna Beach, they’ve given us many successful series. Now they are adding one more hit show – Buckhead Shore. Set in Georgia, this series follows a group of friends as they escape their daily lives for some fun at Lake Swannanoa; which may spark romantic triangles and drama along the way.

Katie V Canham was born October 27th 1994 in Miami, Florida and celebrated with a party by her closest friends. Katie V Canham is an active social media user and boasts thousands of followers on Instagram; an aspiring model signed to Ford Models and Zombie Model Management who enjoys traveling the world and experiencing different cultures.

On the show, she will form part of a love triangle between Parker Lipman and Savannah Gabriel. While this relationship has experienced its share of tension due to Parker’s infidelity and long-term commitment issues, all three seem to be getting along relatively well at present.

Buckhead Shore features an incredible cast. Some members have found success as digital artists; others have strong connections with the music industry – DJ Simmons is son of Grammy-winning producer/songwriter Daryl Simmons who has collaborated with artists like Boyz II Men and Tevin Campbell.

As for the rest of the cast, they too are just as interesting and varied. Bethania Locke is a graduate from Georgia State University with a calm yet comforting demeanor who excels at mediation. Bethania comes from an Ethiopian/Jamaican background where her mother ran their family restaurant in Atlanta – providing Bethania with invaluable knowledge that she shares with the cast members.

Juju Barney will make for an excellent cast member on MTV’s launch on June 23rd or Hulu with Live TV, both accessible in 2022. Jenni and Mike from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will also join this cast!

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