Kathy Risner Girardi Obituary

Kathy Renner Girardi Obituary

The passing of Kathy Lane Girardi is an irreparable loss to her family. Born on June 3, 1955, she was the daughter of Clyde Emory Lane, Sr. and Daisy Matthews Lane. She worked as a data manager at Chowan Middle School for nearly three decades. Her family includes her brother, Clyde Emory Lane Jr., and her sister, Joyce Lane Whedbee. Several grandchildren will be left behind to mourn the loss of their great-grandmother.

She was a member of Cedar Grove United Methodist Church. One of her brother’s daughters, Betty Lois Lane, lives in Orlando, Florida. Another daughter, Gina Marie Henry, is a dancer and author. There are also several nieces and nephews. During her lifetime, she was married to her first husband, Bob GIRARDI, for 44 years. In November of 2020, she filed for divorce from him.

Although she passed away in her sleep, she will be buried in the St. Ambrose Church in Brunswick, NC. A family service will be held at that location on May 14, 2018. Tom Girardi, who was her husband of 31 years, will be able to attend the service along with his two sons, Sam and Tim.

For a while, Girardi was a star on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, the show is more of a soap opera than it is a reality TV show. He also appeared in Erin Brockovich, a television show about a wrongful death attorney and his efforts to help a victim of a wrongful death. Even so, he was no slouch in the courtroom, having won a medical malpractice case that went all the way to trial. His team was awarded official admonition. But, a recent LA Times report reveals that there are a couple of chintzy and shady aspects to his career.

The most expensive drink to be served at a bar is likely to be a mimosa, but the best bet is to make the trek to a nearby winery. This one might be difficult to find, however. Regardless, the most popular cocktail at any establishment is the mimosa, as it is a time-honored tradition among Los Angeles natives.

It is no secret that Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne were a pair, so it is no surprise that they have a large home in Pasadena. During their marriage, the pair lived in a mansion that was inspired by the 1920s. Among other things, they had a private cinema.

On the minus side, their home is also in the path of a fire. According to a news article in the Los Angeles Times, the house was damaged when a fire broke out in the basement. Fortunately, the family was able to save the contents of the home, but not the mansion.

Despite her death, her legacy will live on through her children, her great-grandchildren and her friends. She was a great woman and a great mom. Hopefully, her story will inspire others to do the right thing.

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