Karl Lagerfeld Halloween Costume

How to Create a Karl Lagerfeld Halloween Costume Look

Halloween is one of the best times to get creative and show off your costume skills. This year, some recognizable celebrities are joining in on the fun by dressing up for the occasion – including Kendall Jenner and Josh Duhamel!

Lagerfeld has been a fashion icon for years, and you can channel his style for Halloween with just some basic pieces from your closet. A black blazer, white shirt and tie are all you need to create the classic Lagerfeld ensemble that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go – perfect for any party!

Step 1: Don a Black Blazer

Karl Lagerfeld was known for his tailored looks, often seen wearing blazers with square shoulders and long sleeves. To recreate this look, take inspiration from your closet or find another style similar to it that fits well on you.

Step 2: Wear a White Button Down Shirt

It’s common for Karl Lagerfeld to sport a white button down under his blazer, but he also had the knack of pairing them with black pants. A pair of black pants is essential in this look, but make sure they’re not too tight so you can comfortably wear the dress over top.

Step 3: Finish Your Look

To finish off your ensemble, add a black bow tie. This classic yet sophisticated accessory can be purchased at most department stores at an affordable price point.

Step 4: Sunglasses

It may seem like sunglasses are an unnecessary part of a zombie costume, but they actually add to the overall aesthetic. Without them, your costume will look flat and dated. An inexpensive pair from Amazon will do the trick at less than $6 price point.

Step 5: Add a Pair of Boots

Thigh-high boots have become an A-list must-have this season and they make the perfect finishing touch to this ensemble. We love Stuart Weitzman’s studded version, but Sophia Webster also offers an equally chic option that’ll have you looking fabulously polished.

Step 6: Add a Pair of Gloves

To complete this DIY costume, you’ll need a pair of black leather fingerless gloves. Choose one with a slight curve in the back so it fits comfortably without making your hands sore or too bulky.

Step 7: Add a Headpiece

A gray wig with more volume than your normal white one is ideal for this costume. Additionally, you’ll need some dark sunglasses to complete the look.

It’s no secret that Karl Lagerfeld loves cats, and on Halloween Jenner and her friend were on a mission to pay homage to the fashion icon with style. Jenner donned a white wig, gray blazer, rhinestone-white Shady Zeineldine tuxedo bodysuit, fishnet stockings, black mesh knee-high boots and Chanel purse – all captioned with “Lady Karl last night.”

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