Kanye West Delta Sigma Theta Girlfriend

Kanye West and His Delta Sigma Theta Girlfriend

Kanye West is well-known in the hip-hop community for his legendary rap career. He strives to reach a wide audience with his songs, often featuring references to renowned artists and historical figures that transcend his own abilities. Kanye has always strived to push himself creatively on each project.

In September 2017, Yeezus released the album ‘Yeezus,’ featuring songs that take familiar beats or samples and twist them into something more abstract than just straight forward covers. On one such track, ‘Ye repurposes Nina Simone’s version of “Strange Fruit” as inspiration for a piece about lynchings in the American South.

West pays tribute to several Civil Rights icons throughout the track, such as Emmett Till (1955) for whistling at a white woman. Additionally, Yeezy references Louis Farrakhan – an activist and religious leader best known for organizing the Million Man March in recent years.

Kanye’s lyrics are always fascinating to listen to, with his sophisticated yet playful style of rhyme often leading to complex themes or ambiguous ideas. A perfect example is his repurposed “Strange Fruit” sample which he uses to tell a tale about an intense breakup that culminates in bloodletting.

On the contrary, there are instances where Ye’s interpretation of Nina Simone on ‘Yeezus’ or his line about meeting at Borders on ‘All of the Lights’ can seem overly insensitive and offensive.

Another example is Ye’s take on “The Waterboy,” Adam Sandler’s film about a man recording women discussing their sexual lives. While not as overt or explicit as its sampled version “Sex, Lies and Videotape,” featured on ‘Yeezus,” it still effectively conveys the moralizing tone common during its peak years.

Furthermore, his sometimes ambiguous interpretations have led some critics to question whether he truly believes what he sings about. This particular riff serves as an excellent example of that:

It may be a bit over the top, but the song is about a breakup that goes sour and so he needs to repurpose it into something more pleasant. Originally released in 1989, the tune reappeared after rapper’s breakup with Amber Rose.

The relationship with Amber Rose was widely publicized and ultimately ended in 2010, after two years together. Prior to that, he had been dating Kim Kardashian.

Kanye and Kim have been open about their relationship, yet Kanye has been seen with many other women in the past. These include Sumeke Rainey – whose voice is sampled on ‘Yeezus’; Alexis Phifer, who designed some clothing items for him; and Brooke Crittendon, a model who reportedly dated him briefly before they parted ways.

Finally, ‘Ye is looking for a girlfriend who can complement his style and personality. He’s been seen with Instagram influencer Yasmine Lopez over the past few weeks; this new relationship seems closer than ever before between them.

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