Kamal Chance Givens Wife

Kamal Chance Givens – Is He Still Single?

Kamal Chance Givens has earned himself a strong presence in both hip-hop and reality television, yet hasn’t found love yet in his personal life and remains single.

Star has also found great success professionally and currently holds an estimated net worth of around $300 thousand. He has appeared in various reality shows and co-founded rap group Stallionaires with brother Ahmad. Additionally, Demi often appears in posts he uploads onto his social media accounts.

Even with his busy schedule, this star has managed to maintain a healthy work-life balance and always keeps an eye out for new opportunities – like his latest endeavor One Mo’ Chance on Zeus Network.

The show will air during a pandemic and is projected to draw in many viewers. Kamal also has several projects lined up, such as his role as lead comedian on an upcoming comedy series as well as making appearances on several other television programs.

Raquel, Kamal’s sister-in-law, has been in a relationship with actor/director Michael McClure for more than a decade and they share one daughter named Demi. However, relations between Raquel and Kamal have become very tense over time and both parties have had several divorce proceedings filed against each other.

Recently, Kamal and Natasha got into an intense disagreement, which caused them to part ways for some time. Kamal’s busy work life makes it hard for him to focus on their relationship.

According to sources, Kamal has been linked with American model Yasmine Lopez since she started appearing on Zeus’s One Mo’ Chance competition for Kamal’s heart. Although no confirmation or denial from either has been issued yet.

There have been other women linked to the star. He once was in a relationship with Tiffany Pollard from VH1’s I Love New York; their brief romance lasted several years without being widely reported on. Chandra Davis from Step Up and The Game also briefly made headlines as his partner.

Ahmad, 33 years old and member of The Stallionaires band and Real Chance of Love series on VH1, died unexpectedly from colon cancer on Saturday at his Los Angeles residence, shocking family and friends alike. His passing came as an unexpected blow.

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