Kam Chancellor Net Worth

Kam Chancellor Net Worth

Kam Chancellor has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He was the fifth overall pick in 2010 NFL Draft. In 2014, he signed a $34 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks. He has also worked as a model and actor. He is a member of his community and helps to protect the Boys and Girls Club from violent attacks. His mother is very close to Chancellor. After signing a $34 million contract with the Seahawks, he surprised her with a new house and a Lexus.

Kam Chancellor was born in Norfolk, Virginia, on April 3, 1988. He played college football for the Virginia Tech Hokies, where he was a cornerback and free safety. During his junior year, he was switched to free safety. After being selected to the NFL, his captaincy was the Seattle Seahawks. He was also named their starting safety. His net worth has increased significantly since then. He has been an important member of the team.

Kam Chancellor has a happy personal life, aside from his highly-paid career. He is close to his mother and has a large savings account. He has two children, a daughter and a son. In addition to a thriving professional career, Kam Chancellor has a large number of endorsements and is involved in several charity programs. His net worth is estimated at around $20 million.

Kam Chancellor is married to Tiffany Lambert, and they announced their pregnancy in 2019. The couple has not yet posted pictures of their new baby. Kam Lambert was born on April 3, 1988 and raised by his single mother, Karen Lambert. To support her family, she worked multiple jobs. He surprised his mother with a house and new car. Kam Chancellor has a net worth in excess of $5 million over the past few years.

Kam Chancellor is a solid safety in the NFL and has made a lot of money. Although not the tallest player, he has a good physique and a good frame. His height is 6 feet and he weighs about 225 pounds. His hand size is nine and a half inches. His net worth is estimated at $15 million. And he also has three children. Kam Chancellor has a high net worth and is well on his path to becoming an NFL star.

Kam Chancellor was born to a single mother in Norfolk Virginia. His mother took multiple jobs to provide for her five children. His mother raised him with love and respect. Kam played basketball and football at Matthew Fontaine Maury High school. Later, he went to Virginia Tech where he played football as a cornerback and quarterback. His athletic achievements earned him many honors, including second team All-ACC quarterback. His career was a success, and he signed a $34million contract with the Seattle Seahawks.

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