Kaitlyn Olivia Adams Missing

Missing Persons – KAITLYN OLVIVA ADAMS Missing

Missing people are an extremely serious matter. If someone you know goes missing, contact the local police department immediately and file a report. As much information as possible should also be gathered regarding where or when they were last seen; you should also gather as much personal characteristics about them as possible (where were they last seen/what are their personal traits etc). Some can be located quickly while for others it may take much longer; we provide below some examples of people who have gone missing and their circumstances for disappearance in this article.

Missing from Arizona

Alicia Leigh Williams, better known by her nickname Lex, disappeared on August 8th 2021 in Bullhead City, Arizona. Last seen riding in a car with her boyfriend and another individual heading toward a casino nearby but when she failed to arrive as planned her family became concerned and filed a missing persons report.

Case remains unsolved and no sign of her has ever been discovered, leaving family and friends searching for answers as to her whereabouts. They have become desperate for any clue that may help locate their beloved sister.


Barbara “Granny” McCray was last seen near Dugdown Mountain Road in Felton, Georgia on July 31. Before disappearing she called her friend asking to be picked up after visiting the bank; but was never reached when no pickup arrived after leaving there visit. Later her vehicle was discovered abandoned at Otter Camp within Wekiwa Springs State Park with both wallet and personal belongings inside it.

Nicole McLaughlin, 24, an Hispanic female was last seen leaving her apartment on June 22, 2022 to meet with her partner – but never arrived and her phone has not been turned back on since then.

Kara Lorynn Hyde, 23, of Hamilton, Ohio has been reported as missing since December 5th when she visited her mother before going over to visit friends in Hamilton. Friends stated she called them, but never returned as her vehicle was later discovered in a parking lot near their homes – with no trace of Kara.

Michael Davis VanZandt, 36-year-old Caucasian male was last seen in Hermosa Beach on March 5, 2016. After watching fights with friends, they decided to walk back to their cars but Michael Davis VanZandt never returned and has not been seen or heard from since then. He has an ink scar on his forehead and both ears pierced.

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