Justin Townes Earle Shirt

Justin Townes Earle Shirt

Justin Townes Earle, son of country legend Jimmy Wayne Earle, has made a name for himself as an independent artist. His music exudes American roots while his voice resonates strongly. But life wasn’t easy for Justin; he had to navigate a delicate balance between success and destruction as he battled drug addiction and homelessness before ultimately following his dreams and realizing them.

Martyak designed him a space at Harvard Square’s historic Harvard Club that embodies his aesthetic: an image of Earle hangs between bathroom doors; this was done so musicians playing the room would see it before leaving and would serve as a subtle reminder that Earle shares more with patrons of this club than just his surname.

Earle discussed being raised by a single mother and having to find his way in life on his own. Although he gambled and drank heavily while living on the streets at times, he found great happiness through playing music and connecting with people through its medium. Furthermore, his eye for fashion garnered him notice from fashion magazines.

As Earle made his mark in music, he was able to provide his daughter with a better life. He vowed that he wouldn’t let down his children or betray their trust as a parent and hoped he could prove himself as an independent songwriter without the support of his renowned father’s famed legacy. If his daughter ever becomes an artist she may drop his last name and use only first and middle initials instead.

Earle has collaborated with an impressive roster of musicians during his career. Cory Younts of Old Crow Medicine Show became a regular performer on early tours; Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and Tyler Childers have also played alongside Earle in one form or another. More recently he’s recorded albums both solo as well as with his backing band the Swindlers.

His solo releases include Single Mothers (2014), Absent Fathers (2015) and Kids in the Street (2017); furthermore, he plans on releasing The Saint of Lost Causes later this year.

Earle is known for his contributions in music, but beyond that he’s also an inspiring mentor who helps young athletes and artists reach their full potential. He believes action sports have a positive impact on communities and encourages kids to live life fully. Concrete Coast provides resources that enable youths and adults to develop their talents without taking down troubled paths; currently seeking sponsors to fund new programs. To find out more or how you can assist the organization visit its website.

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