Justin Bieber Red Leather Pants

Justin Bieber Rocks Leather Pants at the Grammys

From Instagram dress-up reels to fashion runways, leather pants are back in fashion – especially when donned by celebrities like Justin Bieber at this week’s Grammys.

This pop star donned a black Balenciaga ensemble for his performance, featuring a cropped pullover hoodie, wide-legged leather pants, white chunky sneakers and a baseball cap. As the singer performed “Peaches,” the audience was truly mesmerized by his unique look that earned praise across social media platforms.

At a recent concert in Jacksonville, Florida, Bieber’s leather trousers fell to the floor during an energetic dance routine and revealed his boxer shorts underneath. Similar to Ross Gellar from Friends fame, who famously donned too-tight leather slacks on the show.

Hailey Bieber rocked an equally daring no-pants style while out for a date in New York City. Sporting a lime green smiley-face hoodie and nothing underneath, the wife of singer Justin looked sultry and adorable in her ensemble; though she did manage to dress it up a bit with some high-waisted tan boots and white socks.

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