Justin Bieber Red Hat

Justin Bieber Wears a Red Hat Everywhere He Goes

Justin Bieber often wears a red hat when not on stage or chasing after Selena Gomez. It symbolizes love and is one of his favorite shades; other colors he’s been seen wearing include black, gray, and tan; however when it comes to his signature red hat he doesn’t hesitate to get creative!

Justin Bieber Depicts His Style on the Grammy Red Carpet

On Sunday night, the singer appeared on the Grammy red carpet wearing a suit that was three times his size and a pink beanie. While some questioned whether this ensemble was an attempt at setting a trend, others were impressed by his look despite its enormous dimensions. Despite wearing such an outlandish garment, Bieber still managed to look dapper.

He Also Rocks Crocs

Justin Bieber is known for his daring style, but he’s not afraid to experiment with footwear trends either. Recently, Bieber donned platform Crocs that were part of a collaboration with Balenciaga; these foam boots have an urban-inspired aesthetic and feature chunky soles.

These shoes are an ideal summer choice, being light and comfortable. Unfortunately, their price tag of $950 makes them somewhat of a luxury item.

Justin Bieber Takes a Breathtaking Hike with a Friend

After going through some difficult times lately, the “Sorry” hitmaker has found solace through hiking. On Monday he and a friend went hiking together that ended with both wearing their tattooed torsos; Justin even donned a Daniel Patrick short and red Vans shoes for the occasion!

When not hiking, Bieber was seen having a date in Los Angeles with a woman who had the same haircut and color as him. They strolled the streets together, clearly having a great time.

As they walked together, Justin showed off his heavily tattooed torso with tan Daniel Patrick shorts, red Vans sneakers, and an enormous sun hat with an upturned brim. It was an ensemble that would’ve been difficult for anyone else to pull off; however, it looked perfect on him.

He’s always been a fan of hats, and while he may not be the most confident person out there, Bieber knows how to rock them well! His signature saggy beanie may be from his early days but it’s still hot to wear today!

Bieber has also made Brixton’s red hat his go-to accessory. The brand offers a selection of cozy beanies in an array of colors, and Bieber has been seen wearing their Harbor Beta Watch Cap beanie in Athletic Orange multiple times.

He’s often seen wearing the Heist beanie, which features a similar style and comes in several colors such as black, gray and khaki.

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