Just A Little Higher Maxi Dress

How to Wear a Maxi Dress

The maxi dress has become one of the hottest trends this summer. Perfect for travel plans and everyday wear alike, maxis come in every style imaginable from high-waist neutral hued styles that go with anything to flirty floral and tiered maxis for more feminine and flirty looks. Additionally, there is something available at any budget level; from inexpensive jersey knit midi dresses that pair easily with any sandal to designer options suitable for weddings or other special events.

When it comes to choosing the ideal shoes for a maxi dress, simple styles tend to look the most flattering. Since you don’t want your footwear to steal the spotlight from your look, heels or wedges without bold designs tend to work best; flip flops make an excellent casual summer option when headed out into nature! Flip flops also work great if heading straight for the beach or pool! Mules make for great options to pair with maxi dresses that feature intricate details like lace.

If you’re going for a casual look in a maxi dress, pairing it with a cute floppy hat can instantly elevate and add that beachy feel you desire. They come in various colors and shapes so it will surely find something suitable to your ensemble!

Add some structure and warmth when wearing a maxi dress by layering up with a fitted blazer for a more polished look by wearing one over it. This look works for work as well as night out on the town!

Maxi dresses with built-in belts can be an ideal way to draw attention to your waist and create an hourglass shape. There are dresses with these built-in belts or you could use any standard belt instead – either will work equally as well.

If your maxi dress features an abundance of pattern, choose shoes with more subtle hues and textures for optimal results. Otherwise, your outfit could appear too busy; for instance if your maxi dress features black-and-white paisley print then select shoes in similar hues and smooth textures for optimal effect.

Maxi dresses make a fabulous summer fashion statement! There are endless cute ways to wear one – casual or more polished looks alike are available – with different shoe and accessory choices available so as to not tripping over yourself or looking too busy! Just make sure that any shoe/accessory choices fit seamlessly within the ensemble so as to not look busy or trip over yourself while trying on.

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