Jre 1518

The Joe Rogan Experience – JRE 1518

This week on the Joe Rogan Experience, you can learn about the world of astronauts, engineers, and even space exploration. NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman visited Joe Rogan Experience on February 7, sharing his stories and experiences. He shares his experiences, from living at the bottom for two weeks to the International Space Station. It’s a humorous and lighthearted way to share them. This episode will be an unforgettable ride!

In total, the 2056 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast have a combined run time of 5,350 hours. This is an average of two hours, 36 mins, and eight seconds per episode. It would take 223 days to listen to all of The Joe Rogan Experience podcasts without breaks. Listening at twice the speed would cut down on listening time by half. JRE #1530, with Duncan Trussell, is the longest JRE podcast.

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