Josephine Skriver Nashville Home

Josephine Skriver and Her Nashville Home

If you are wondering where Victoria’s Secret angel Josephine Skriver is, you have come to the right place. The fashion model and her musician beau have a joint home in Nashville, Tennessee, and have been known to go on road trips to exotic locales. During a particularly bad bout of the flu, the pair had to quarantine themselves for a while, but they are on the mend. This home is a modern Scandinavian hideaway with the right blend of whimsy and sophistication.

A quick perusal of the internet reveals that the home is a design marvel, a true feat of modern engineering. The ultra-modern residence is a testament to the genius of architect and designer April Tomlin, who used clever tricks to create a functional, functionally sound home. Among other things, the two-story house boasts a floating staircase, wall-mounted baskets, and an artfully framed antique brick that has been exposed to reveal its original charm.

The home has a surprising amount of natural light, thanks to windows in all but the basement, and is located on six acres of wooded land. There’s also an impressively designed swimming pool and outdoor living space. It’s not hard to see why this home was a hit with the family. The modern design speaks to the couple’s love of nature, and they have a knack for incorporating their dogs into the family dynamic. As for the decor, the duo are quite picky about their furnishings, but have been known to change things up when the mood strikes them.

Using the right colors, the aforementioned ginormous swivel chair and a slew of custom furnishings, the home is a warm, comfortable retreat from the city that never sleeps. And in keeping with the ol’ fashion, the pair aren’t shy about letting the world know just how much they care. In a recent interview, the model gushed that she was “honored” to work for a company that cares about its employees, and that it is a matter of time before she gets her long-overdue wish for a raise. Although the couple are a bit late to the party, it’s great to see them enjoying a nudge nudge in the right direction. Hopefully, they will continue to do the right thing as they build the foundation for a healthy relationship for years to come.

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