Johnny Hijo De Jenni Rivera

Johnny Lopez – El Hijo Menor de Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera has long been an icon for fans of her banda diva performances, serving as an inspirational figure to many of them. Her sons have championed her legacy by marketing products like clothing and perfume that honor her life series as well as participating in films and videos about it. Johnny, one of her younger brothers has commercial initiatives under his name “Color Threads Threads”, while boasting millions of followers on Instagram.

Johnny Lopez, Jenni Rivera’s younger son, disclosed in 2016 while reviewing her belongings that while looking through Mision Accomplished lyrics were stored away in a box – something his mother had done herself – he discovered them while working to retrieve all materials related to their mother.

Chiquis Rivera’s youngest son has found work as an onstage singer since touring with Abeja Reina.

As Rosa Rivera expands her family of singer-songe performers and their sons, there has been some contention between herself and other members. Rose has maintained that her children are honest individuals who have not stolen from any of their siblings.

Johnny Lopez, the younger son of bandadiva Jenni Rivera (Jenni Rivera Enterprises), criticised Rosa for discussing their siblings Rosie and Juan Rivera during an interview with Tuviembre 2022 magazine. Johnny stated that Rosa had begun taking responsibility for these tasks under Jenni Rivera Enterprises alongside them and his mother Rosa.

Thus, the younger son of band singer Jenni Rivera did not wish for family conflict to continue in its entirety. He often asked his relatives and friends to do the right thing, while asking all to continue working toward creating an equitable society.

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