Johnny And Myrla 2022

Myrla Feria and Johnny Lam – Are They Dating?

Experts were optimistic about Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero being an unbreakable couple on Married at First Sight; however, that appears not to be the case. Although they did not make it past Decision Day together, Myrla appears to have developed another romantic connection within Married at First Sight itself and her fans are curious as to its nature.

Myrla has posted photos with Rachel Gordillo and Johnny Lam throughout this season, travelling together including to Cancun. While Myrla tends to be shy around men, she was clearly comfortable around Johnny; talking openly about their bond was even harder on Gil as Myrla has openly discussed her feelings towards both of her former MAFS co-stars.

Myrla and Johnny quickly formed an unlikely bond after appearing together on the show, spending much of their free time together including Rachel and Brett Layton’s European trip together. While Myrla has hinted at romantic feelings between herself and Johnny, their status remains open-ended; when asked by fans if Myrla and Johnny are dating Myrla replied with an enthusiastic giggle emoji when responding.

Though Myrla had an unsuccessful run on MAFS, she is making every effort to turn it into an inspiring journey. She is taking her followers with her on her travels and answering fan queries via a Q&A format on social media – Myrla recently took to Instagram to share photos from her European adventures as well as address whether or not she and her MAFS costar are romantically involved.

Johnny, a food blogger and worker in the tech industry, takes great pleasure in traveling with his partner Kayla Fischer. Both parties have shared their adventures on social media, suggesting they’re very serious about one another.

Myrla has been enjoying some summer sun in Greece and sharing photos and vacation posts with her followers on social media. Recently she posted a mirror selfie showcasing her toned physique in a neon bikini; Myrla also posts workout videos to her Instagram account to keep everyone abreast of her health and fitness journey.

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