Joel Osteen God Is Your Source

Joel Osteen – God is Your Source

God Is Your Source

Joel Osteen’s ministry stresses the fact that people don’t play an integral part in bringing about their blessings and success; rather it comes from God, who provides it all as part of His plan – even though people cannot see what’s planned. Simply put, our loving Creator wants only good for us so we may enjoy every benefit life has to offer us!

Osteen’s inspirational message has propelled him into one of America’s most beloved televangelists. Through their church in Houston, Texas and radio/TV programs they reach millions.

Lakewood Church, which boasts over 40,000 members worldwide, and their senior pastor Victor provide an optimistic Christian message with prosperity as their driving force.

But their sermons can sometimes be criticized for leaving out key elements of the Bible, like Osteen often not mentioning forgiveness as necessary and that Jesus is indeed the sole way to reach heaven.

Osteen’s preaching can only be described as deception and manipulation; he does not give people access to accurate information regarding their faith and salvation decisions, instead providing only superficial Christianity-themed details.

This type of preaching won’t help people deal with legitimate concerns about faith or salvation, nor will it sustain their faith when times get difficult. Instead, this type of sermonizing only leaves people spiritually hungry and disillusioned as well as leading them into downward spirals when their blessings don’t live up to expectation.

Osteen fails to teach that only those who believe in Jesus can be saved and that thinking positive thoughts about God alone won’t do; obedience to his will and doing what He requests must come first.

He fails to mention how faith in Jesus allows people to experience all of life’s goodness and be freed from sin, temptation and pain – or how God wants us healed of our sins; He simply doesn’t care enough about our spiritual well-being to do this for us!

Misconceptions about Christianity often include the belief that all Christians must believe the same things – this is wrong and leads to confusing the gospel with spiritualism not grounded in biblical values. Christianity alone can save you from your sins and prepare you for eternal life.

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