Joe Millionaire Whitney Young

Whitney Young – A Talent Acquisition Executive Who Appears on Joe Millionaire

Whitney Young of Oregon makes her television debut this season on Joe Millionaire, the reality dating show that premiered back in 2003 and recently saw two bachelors searching for love among twentysomething contestants.

Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee, CEOs worth an estimated combined total of $120 million are seeking women who will cherish them as soulful people rather than material things; so their counterparts must decide if their desire for money outweighs winning one or both of these men over.

On the first episode of Joe Millionaire: Reign of Love, viewers were introduced to eighteen women competing for two rich men’s affections. Some appeared solely out for money while others showed genuine interest; among these was Whitney who has become fast friends with co-stars Katy Johnson and Monica Aksamit.

Whitney flirted with both Kurt and Steven on the show, with no issue in telling both that she liked them. Unfortunately, neither one won her heart in the end; however it appears as though she has found happiness with Calah Jackson whom she frequently posts pictures of online.

Since her show’s conclusion, Whitney has resided in Santa Monica, California, working full-time at JBC as a talent acquisition executive since July 2020, according to LinkedIn. When not at work she enjoys going to music concerts and spending time with friends. Whitney also loves traveling, often posting images from her trips on Instagram.

As for Whitney’s personal life, she does not yet have children but does own a cat named Muffin who has her own Instagram page where Whitney regularly shares adorable photos of him. While Whitney has not spoken much about her family life or relationships, they seem close; Whitney appears particularly close with her niece.

Whitney will appear on the second episode of Joe Millionaire set to air Thursday, March 7th. Her appearance will see her competing against other women for Steven McBee’s attention – such as fashion designer Andrea and social media influencer Jennie – among them an event planner, fashionista and social media influencer named Jennie.

As for what the episode will entail, it remains uncertain, though one thing is for certain – Whitney and Jennie will likely clash as they attempt to vie for Steven’s attention. It will be interesting to see how things progress throughout this episode and whether or not Whitney can remain above any drama that ensues. Tune into Fox at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday March 7 or watch full episodes online via Tubi, fuboTV, Hulu Plus or Vudu.

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