Jo Wilson Scrub Cap

Grey’s Anatomy Scrub Cap – Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson is a surgical intern and love interest for Alex Karev on ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. After fleeing her abusive husband, Jo eventually makes her way to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle where she experiences domestic violence firsthand; these struggles have become the focus of several storylines throughout the series’ 15 seasons.

Jo donned a scrub cap in the opening episode of season 9, “Going, Going, Gone.” These light blue fabric caps are commonly worn by residents and attendings; however, many doctors opt for personalized scrub caps as shown with Addison while working at both neonatal unit and OB/GYN surgery.

Jo and Alex initially had disagreements at Bailey’s wedding. But, over the course of the season, they formed an intense bond through their shared childhoods and began to feel for each other.

She has also been depicted in episodes where she becomes depressed after learning she is the product of rape and her mother refuses to accept her. These are some of the toughest episodes for viewers to watch on the show, yet they serve to bring attention to sensitive subject matters.

When Jo tells Alex she is already married, Alex is confused and says: “It’s not that I didn’t like you; it’s just that you never told me your real name.” On the following day however, Jo comes clean to Alex that she had already tied the knot – her name being Brooke and her spouse being Paul Stadler.

Alex is worried and disappointed that Jo will not be able to marry him, but they eventually reconcile. Alex assures her he’s different than Paul or Jason and won’t hurt her in any way.

One major love story in the show’s history is Meredith and Derek Shepherd’s affair. Though it ended tragically, it remains one of the most pivotal relationships in its history.

Meredith wears her beloved ferry boat scrub cap one last time, which had become a beloved symbol of her husband’s affection. It was an emotional moment and made it difficult for her to say goodbye.

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