Jillian Barberie Gained Weight

Jillian Barberie Gained Weight As a Result of Chemotherapy She Received While Fighting Breast Cancer

Jillian Barberie gained weight as a result of chemotherapy she received while battling breast cancer. It’s a tough thing to deal with but Barberie seems to have found a way to get her life back on track.

She’s always been a strong person and has fought hard for herself and her family, so it’s no surprise that she was able to keep a positive attitude during this difficult time. She also made sure to focus on her health and take care of herself during this time.

Her friends and her children helped her through this difficult time, too. They helped her stay strong and positive, especially when it came to tackling her fears about breast cancer.

In fact, she even went to a support group in Los Angeles to talk about her fears with other people who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was also able to reach out to her doctor and discuss her fears and worries.

During her recovery, she stayed in touch with her fans and followers via social media, and made it clear that she wasn’t afraid to share her struggles. She also talked about how she handled her fears and what her life was like after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The 55-year-old mom of two has been sober for one month, which is a major milestone for her. It’s a big change from the days when she would post pictures of herself drinking.

After deciding to give up alcohol, she has shared that her newfound sobriety is making her happier and healthier in many ways. She has even started a blog to help others who are considering making the same changes she did.

She’s also a big advocate for breast cancer, using her platform to encourage women to be screened and share how early detection most likely saved her life. Her Twitter account is full of inspiring messages about breast cancer and how to take charge of your health.

Her new blog and tweets are a great reminder that it’s never too late to make changes in your life. Just be sure to do it the right way.

Barberie also revealed that she’s getting sober with the help of her friend Heather Locklear. They started sharing their story on social media at the beginning of September.

Earlier this week, she celebrated her 55th birthday and also turned a month sober. Hopefully, this is the start of a long and healthy journey for her.

In the meantime, she’s getting ready for her debut NutriSystem commercial, which will be airing during the Super Bowl this Sunday. She’s also working hard to lose her baby weight after the birth of her daughter Ruby Raven last July, which she has managed to do with a combination of the NutriSystem diet and nursing.

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