Jibri And Miona Age

The 90 Day Fiance Couple – Miona Bell and Jibri Bell

The couple Miona Bell and Jibri Bell are one of the most talked about couples on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance. They are both ambitious and have the drive to succeed in the entertainment industry. However, they have to deal with the reality of a long distance relationship.

When they first started dating, Miona and Jibri lived in different cities, including Los Angeles. As a result, they were not able to be together very often. After two years of engagement, Jibri arranged a move to South Dakota. At the time, his parents were not very thrilled with the move. This caused some resentment between the couple.

In South Dakota, Miona found it difficult to get along with her parents. Their rules regarding attire were much stricter than those of her brother. Therefore, she had to dress more conservatively. She is now the owner of a make up company called Miona Beauty. It is also the place where she sells her own 90 Day Fiance outfits.

Miona was born in Serbia, but moved to the United States on a K-1 visa. She is now 23 years old and married to Jibri. While their relationship may have been long-distance, the couple still enjoys each other’s company. They have both been successful on social media, and they have also found a niche in the beauty business.

Although they are young, they are not afraid to indulge in their passions. For example, Miona has taken to Instagram to show off her best travel experiences. During her recent trip to Phuket, she posted throwback photos of her and Jibri on the beach. Similarly, she shared a video of Halloween night with her dog Moony.

Jibri and Miona are both ambitious and determined to become social media influencers. They have created a joint account on Instagram, @jibriandmiona. They are also active on other platforms, such as YouTube. Their combined followers on Instagram total 121K.

They are not only known for their beauty businesses, but they are also famous for their luxurious adventures. Often, they show off their extravagant purchases. Some of these include a Porsche. But what about their finances? Neither of them have discussed their finances in a serious way. Currently, they have a combined net worth of about $120k.

Miona Bell and Jibri Bell were engaged before the 90 Day Fiance season 9 premiere. They met while Jibri was performing in Serbia. However, they did not have a ceremony until a year later. Nonetheless, the couple is planning on getting married in the future.

The pair have also been accused of blackfishing, but they did not care. The couple is not faking their romance. Instead, they are living their best lives. One of them is a singer and musician, and the other is a makeup artist.

If they ever decide to get married, they are both willing to forgo the typical beachfront wedding. Both of them have plans to move to a bigger city, and to live a lifestyle that is more upmarket.

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