Jessica Simpson Leopard Dress

Jessica Simpson Steps Out in a Leopard Dress

On Wednesday evening in New York City, Jessica Simpson donned a stunning leopard dress. The 38-year-old mom of three looked radiant as she posed for an Instagram post alongside her husband Eric Johnson who looked dapper in his navy blue suit.

Jessica looked stunning while leaving the house, wearing a pair of dark, oversized sunglasses and accessorizing with multiple gold hoop earrings and rings. Her platinum blonde locks were parted down the middle and falling in soft waves across her shoulders.

She finished the look by layering a crushed velvet teal duster over her bump for extra coverage. Finally, she accessorized with light brown platform sandals.

Her dress featured a lace up front and ruching at the waist, finished off by an elegant matching hat.

No matter if you’re searching for something casual to wear on date night or something more formal to attend an event, Jessica Simpson dresses will have you looking and feeling your best. With flattering styles available in standard, petite, and plus sizes, there’s sure to be a style perfect fit!

Jessica Simpson’s Licensing Strategy

For some time, Jessica Simpson and her wife Tina were more comfortable with the licensing model for building a fashion brand than those popularized by Jay-Z or Gwyneth Paltrow. After their original business partner passed away in 2015, however, they struck a deal with Sequential Brands Group Inc. – more commonly known as a licensing financial intermediary than an actual creative collaborator.

In their agreements with Sequential, the Simpsons included a clause that would prevent the company from selling their brand without their authorization. They wanted to safeguard their billion-dollar fashion business.

The contract also stated that the Simpsons could purchase Sequential at any time, providing them with an opportunity to reposition their brand in the market. This move appeared wise given Sequential’s financial difficulties over recent years and potential bankruptcy filing.

But, like anything in celebrity culture, there are always risks involved when it comes to a brand’s success. That is why having an effective business plan is so critical.

Ultimately, the Simpsons achieved success through their multibillion-dollar fashion empire that they founded in 2005: The Jessica Simpson Collection. This line encompassed multiple categories and sold in more than 300 department stores around the world.

By 2010, the company had become a profitable enterprise, earning around $1 billion in sales. But with its growth came much attention–both good and bad.

The Simpsons had the perfect opportunity to take their fashion line to the next level, creating a brand that celebrated both reality-TV star personality and appealed to middle America. To begin, they developed an exclusive shoe collection.

Camuto’s shoes were an instant hit. Not only were they comfortable and stylish, but also gave a modern twist on the cowboy boot style. From these success stories came other product lines built upon these foundational footwear designs.

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