Jesse Ventura Predator Hat

Jesse Ventura in the Predator Hat

Predator was one of the stand-out films from the ’80s. Combining action and science fiction pulp elements into an unforgettable tale, Predator featured Arnold Schwarzenegger at his peak physical condition alongside an all-star supporting cast such as Carl Weathers as hardened CIA agent Dillon; Jesse Ventura as fearless commando Blain; Sonny Landham as tracker Billy; and Bill Duke as radio operator Hawkins.

Ventura’s performance as the lead in this film stands out among his other roles due to director John McTiernan ensuring all actors deliver standout performances that match up or even exceed his. And they do just that!

McTiernan and the writers don’t shy away from poking fun at their characters either, taking pleasure in mocking the hyper-masculine posturing of Mac, Billy and Poncho – each in turn reacting negatively after losing Blain or experiencing quasi-mystical insights that lead them down an unnecessary path; finally Poncho finally succumbs to being killed by an adversary predator.

While the movie features some flaws and humorous elements, most fans consider it nearly perfect, especially considering it came out in 1987. Not only due to great acting performances or action scenes that will blow your socks off; but also thanks to creative writing that paves the way for future sequels in this franchise.

The Yautja creature design that has since become so iconic almost never made it onto screen at all. Initial plans had Jean-Claude Van Damme take on this role; however due to health and ego concerns as well as issues between their relative sizes compared to Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger; eventually seven-foot plus Kevin Peter Hall was recruited instead and did an outstanding job of portraying this iconic monster.

This figure features an excellent sculpt, detachable helmet, weapons, and accessories that make for an impressive value at $30. Furthermore, all armor and weapons are organic–an unusual sight in NECA figures where spears and cannons tend to be made out of plastic!

Prey, the new installment in the Predator franchise recently debuted on Hulu and has quickly become an instantaneous hit among fans of the original films. Audiences especially enjoy newcomer Amber Midthunder as Comanche warrior Nari; Jesse Ventura himself took notice, taking to Twitter to praise it while welcoming Midthunder into “the Predator family.”

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