Jerome Jarre Net Worth

Jerome Jarre Net Worth

The entrepreneur and Vine star Jerome Jarre is one of the most successful personalities on the social networking platform. This popular entrepreneur has earned his fortune at a young age. He has also done a lot for the community. In fact, he has been helping out in the communities of Mexico and the Philippines.

As a young entrepreneur, Jarre always had a passion to succeed. Before joining the social media network, he worked for different businesses. But once he realized how popular Vine was, he decided to join it and create his own videos. After six months, he already gained 20,000 followers.

Aside from Vine, he has been active in other social networks. He has a large fan following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, he keeps his private life private. Although, he has featured his mother and younger brother in his photos.

For his accomplishments, he was ranked as the richest entrepreneur in France. He also became the fourth most followed individual on Vine. And he has received several awards. One of his awards was the Shorty Award for Snapchatter of the Year. Among his achievements, he helped raise nearly $4 million for drought relief in Somalia.

Jarre also established a talent agency in 2013. He has worked with Gary Vaynerchuk and launched the Love Army, a campaign for children in the least developed countries. They have also teamed up with Google to donate funds for Jarre’s campaign.

Moreover, he has been recognized for his humanitarian efforts. He has been involved in the redevelopment of several communities in Mexico and the Philippines. His videos have advocated for the cause of people in these areas.

As a philanthropist, Jarre is constantly doing good deeds for the people. He has a huge number of followers on Twitter, and he has a German Shepard named Shadow. Besides, he has been advocating for the people of Somalia and has posted a lot of videos on Twitter.

Jarre is currently dating Spanish actor Diego Osorio. Previously, he had a relationship with U2’s frontman Bono’s daughter Jordan Hewson. While they were dating, they shared a secret underwater smooch. It was only later that they made it official.

Currently, he is based in Toronto. During his stay in the city, he learned about Vines. When he moved to China, he started several businesses. Among his other activities, he is the co-founder of the software company called Atendy. He has also worked with Christopher Carmichael to create a talent agency.

Jerome is a professional entrepreneur who has a passion for succeeding. However, he has never talked about his love life. Nevertheless, he has a great deal of respect from his fans.

The entrepreneur and Vine star has a net worth of $3 million. According to his social media profiles, he has over 2 million followers on Facebook and 1.3 million on Instagram. Also, he has over 975 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Apart from his work as an entrepreneur, Jarre is also a famous music and movie star. His best movie is Zoolander 2.

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