Jenni Rivera Parents House Address

Jenni Rivera Parents House Address

If you’re a fan of Mexican music, chances are that you’ve come across Jenni Rivera. Not only was she renowned for her songs and albums, but also an entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded numerous businesses and charities. Additionally, she lived a longtime in Los Angeles County before passing away.

On December 11, 2012, Jenni Rivera tragically passed away in a plane crash at 43 years old. Her passing came as an absolute shock to her fans and many still grieve for her today.

She was an accomplished singer-songwriter renowned for her work in Latin music genres such as Banda and Norteno. Additionally, she dabbled in acting and reality television.

Her death was tragic and her family is still grieving the loss of their beloved. To honor her memory at her funeral on December 16th, they are encouraging followers to pay respects and donate in lieu of flowers.

Rivera was a trailblazing icon and an inspiration to women of all ages, inspiring them with her powerful yet vulnerable lyrics that often included tales of her struggles. The young Mexican generation found solace in her songs, making her songs beloved as a bard who spoke truth to power.

But behind her success lay a dark past. She was molested by her first husband, whose abusive behavior left an impact on her children, and had an uncomfortable relationship with her second husband who ended up in prison for drug dealing.

Due to her painful past, Rivera dedicated herself to helping women and children. She founded the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation and spoke out against domestic violence with passion.

This non-profit organization offers assistance to victims of domestic violence, helping them rebuild their lives after abuse. Additionally, they offer counseling and advocacy services.

Unfortunately, Jenni Rivera never got to watch her children grow up as she passed away before they could. Survived by her sons Michael Marin Rivera and Johnny Rivera; as well as daughter Chiquis Rivera.

She also has a grandson named Miguel, who is two months old.

Additionally, she’s been involved in various projects like reality show I Love Jenni that follows her as she shares special moments with her children and tours Mexico and the United States.

Her legacy is far from over, as her songs and videos remain accessible on YouTube. Her fans will continue to tune into her music and watch her shows as long as she remains an influential artist who left a lasting mark on the world.

Some of her songs are so captivating, they can be listened to day or night. She addresses topics ranging from relationships and social injustice to infidelity and heartbreak with ease.

These songs can be heard on radio in Mexico and have become increasingly popular in the US as well. These examples demonstrate how Mexican songs not only entertain, but have deep meanings and relevance for their listeners.

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