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Bring It On (Movie Review)

Bring it on, a musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tom Kitt with music by Amanda Green and lyrics by Miranda and Jeff Whitty, is an exciting musical that takes place in the world of competitive cheerleading. It has a cast of cheerleaders who are all battling it out for the top spot on their team.

The show has a fresh new look, thanks to a new set and a retooled production. It opened in Atlanta last January, and then moved a few weeks later to Los Angeles for an additional month of performances. It has a lot of talent, with a strong ensemble and a talented cast of performers.

There are lots of laughs in this one-of-a-kind production. The chemistry between the actors is palpable. The cast also includes a handful of fresh Broadway faces.

Taylor Louderman (Campbell), Ryann Redmond (Bridget), Adrienne Warren (Danielle), and Nick Blaemire (Randall) are all able to deliver high-energy performances as the lead cheerleaders in their respective teams. They are backed by a talented band led by Benjamin Rauhala. The songs are catchy and the choreography is well-done.

Bridget has a big voice and lots of energy. She is played by a young woman who has lots of heart and great stage presence. She is a star and she will go places in her career if she keeps up the work she does here. She makes a great impression as the only girl in her school who is not a cheerleader, and she can be very convincing as a ogler who has eyes for her.

Campbell has a great voice and a very appealing presence onstage, too. Her dance moves are fabulous and her personality is charming. She is a bit of a nerd, and she can be quite flirty, but she’s also a very sweet and genuinely warm person. She’s also a nice, kind and very gentle girl who really is not all that into cheerleading.

Rachelle Giordano (Steven), Neil Haskell (Eva) and Nick Womack (Twig) are very believable in their roles. They all are incredibly dedicated to their careers, their families and their friends.

They all have a special ability to make you smile and they are all so very good at it. They also all seem to have a very wholesome attitude about their personal lives, which is so very important in a high-school setting.

In fact, they seem to have more than a little pride in themselves and their accomplishments. They are devoted to their work and to their families and they take a lot of pride in the things that they have done.

There are some hiccups and some flaws in this show, but they are small ones that don’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the experience. It is a fun, fast-paced musical with terrific acting and plenty of humor.

It’s a show that is not for the prudes or the elitists, but if you like cheerleading, this is the show for you.

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