Jamie Lee Curtis Guitar

Is Jamie Lee Curtis Guitar a Real Thing?

Jamie Lee Curtis is a multi-talented celebrity, having achieved success as an actress, producer, director, writer and blogger. Additionally to her acting career, Jamie has also ventured into music where she performs and records as a guitarist.

Many have pondered if jamie lee curtis guitar is real since the release of “Freaky Friday” in 2003. In the movie, Lindsay Lohan plays guitar for a rock band and several scenes feature her playing it on camera.

In the scene, she sings and plays guitar with her friends in the band – but does this demonstrate any real musical ability?

Jamie Lee Curtis had to learn how to play the guitar for her role as Anna in Freaky Friday movie. This trait they share, it was important for her preparation.

The actress was able to master the instrument thanks to assistance from family members. For instance, 15-year-old daughter helped her learn how to play guitar.

Another person who assisted her was her husband Christopher Guest. As a professional musician and lead guitarist in This Is Spinal Tap, he had plenty of experience teaching her guitar playing techniques.

Curtis said she needed to be reminded of her natural immaturity for her role as Tess Coleman, the mother and daughter in this film. This helped her portray Tess Coleman – a psychologist struggling to communicate with her teenage daughter Anna (Lindsay Lohan) realistically within herself.

She went through a range of emotions in this role and she brought them to life onscreen. Additionally, she is an incredible comedian who adds plenty of laughs to the film.

Her character is more than just a mother; she’s an individual dealing with her own feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, making her an inspiring role model for her daughter. Throughout various types of anger, she even manages to find some love when she embarks on a romantic relationship with a young man only slightly older than she is.

Freaky Friday soundtrack song, “Ultimate,” became a hit and catapulted the album into Billboard Top 20. Though she did not play guitar on this track, she managed to learn all of the chords necessary for singing along during filming.

Although her guitar skills did not make it onto the soundtrack of Freaky Friday, she found joy in her role as a guitarist and enjoyed bringing that joy to her viewers on screen. This feat would not have been possible without her family members’ support and it was an enjoyable experience for her to play guitar in a film.

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