Jackson Wang No Makeup

Jackson Wang No Makeup

Jackson Wang has become one of the most beloved celebrities in entertainment, making an impressionful mark as a singer, actor, rapper and dancer. Debuting as part of K-pop boyband GOT7 in 2014 and being represented by one of Korea’s premier entertainment agencies JYP Entertainment; since then his immense success as both an ensemble member and as an individual artist have gained him worldwide notoriety and numerous endorsement deals with leading luxury brands.

Wang was born in Hong Kong and moved to South Korea at seven. Although his father initially wanted him to take up fencing, the talented athlete decided on music instead – becoming a household name among K-pop fans with his powerful vocals and dance skills. Additionally, he has made appearances in dramas and films and boasts an enormous social media following.

His latest project is the release of his solo album MAGIC MAN on September 9th. This marks his first album since May of last year and features ten tracks that explore various genres – the debut singles “Blow” and “Cruel” have dark, grungy vibes that pair beautifully with his deep voice.

This album reflects Wang’s emotional journey over the last year. In an open letter to his fans, he notes how this period has been difficult but also marked a time in his artistic development and self-realization; adding that his songs on this new release show this.

Alongside his music career, this superstar has also become the face of YSL Beauty perfumes. Additionally, he has been booked to perform concerts across the world; most recently performing alongside fellow GOT7 members BamBam and TREASURE in Manila, Philippines.

Though an international superstar, this star maintains a grounded personality and remains approachable to regular folks at heart. When not performing or travelling for his professions, he enjoys spending his free time with his family, foodie adventures like hiking or camping and playing sports and is also an animal lover with his pet Kiki named as Kiki. Additionally, these posts of him and Kiki on Instagram have gained him over 27 million followers; these have even drawn praise from media sources!

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