Is Willow Osborne Related To The Osborne Brothers

Is Willow Osborne Related to the Osborne Brothers?

Willow Osborne is an extremely gifted banjo player who has established herself in bluegrass music. Fans have often asked whether she is related to legendary Sonny and Bobby Osborne; unfortunately, that question cannot be answered with certainty as neither musician has any relation between them other than sharing a last name and musical talent.

The Osborne Brothers made their mark on bluegrass with their instrumental prowess and tight vocal harmonies, marking themselves out from other great bluegrass artists such as Bill Monroe by pushing boundaries through innovative sounds and ideas such as their groundbreaking use of stacked harmonies and fuller backings that brought bluegrass music to audiences that wouldn’t typically listen.

While the Osborne Brothers may no longer perform, their legacy and unparalleled reputation remain forever present in bluegrass circles. This set features some of the earliest recordings that cemented that reputation – remastered from premium sources including Ruby Are You Mad as well as timeless tracks such as Rocky Top.

Sonny and Bobby Osborne first found prominence as backup musicians for several of Bluegrass music’s foremost acts; upon creating their own act they quickly rose to become one of its most successful and well-loved acts. Their unique approach to music pushed boundaries of what was possible by adding electric guitars and drums for the first time into bluegrass music – which eventually became so influential it is now considered an industry standard sound.

Osborne Brothers were an immensely popular group during their 1950s heyday, boasting 18 chart hits. This collection of early recordings showcases their amazing talents and how they used their sound to create magic onstage.

Willow Osborne hails from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and began playing banjo at age four. Since then she has performed professionally for almost 30 years; performing in Dollywood’s musical productions as well as Country Tonite Theatre Pigeon Forge for nine consecutive seasons as their featured performer. Deering banjos endorse Willow as she plays their Calico model banjo. She has appeared on multiple TV shows and regularly performs at the Grand Ole Opry. Willow has recorded several albums that donate a portion of proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; additionally she wrote and directed “Spirit”, her first feature-length movie; worked alongside Jeanna Zenz to form Always Evergreen duo; currently she resides in Florida with Lee as husband and partner.

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