Is This A Zombie Parents Guide

Is This a Zombies Parents Guide?

Zombies have taken over Las Vegas, and the city has been walled off. A high-stakes heist must be pulled off before the zombies take control. With a team of mercenaries at his side, Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) must save both lives and banknotes.

Movies of the Year : Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder loves his gory stuff, and this film doesn’t disappoint. Packed with jaw-dropping stunts, visual effects and awe-inspiring special effects, this movie may not have had the highest age rating but it is a must-see for zombie and action movie enthusiasts.

Best Movies to Watch This Week: Army Of The Dead

This film is perfect for families to enjoy together. With a strong cast, captivating plot lines, and thrilling special effects, it’s sure to become everyone’s new favorite.

Movies to Enjoy on a Night Out: Army Of The Dead

Fans of action, zombies and an old-school heist must see this movie. Starring an all-star cast led by Dave Bautista and Hiroyuki Sanada, it’s sure to please any admirer of the genre.

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