Is Stockard Channing Related To Tatum Channing

Is Stockard Channing Related to Tatum Channing?

Stockard Channing was an acclaimed Broadway and Hollywood actress with a varied film career that began with Boston’s experimental Theatre Company of Boston before her breakthrough role as Rizzo in Grease catapulted her to stardom and made her one of the most recognizable faces onscreen.

Channing has graced our movie screens not only in Grease but also Up Close and Personal, The First Wives Club, Moll Flanders, Smoke, winning numerous acting awards such as People’s Choice for her performance in Six Degrees of Separation: Movie Version. Not only is she adept in front of the camera but she’s an exceptional stage actress as well.

Stockard Channing was born February 13th 1944 in New York City to Mary Alice English (nee) and Lester Napier Stockard, an influential shipping executive. Channing began acting professionally on stage in the late 60s before making her television debut early 70s; she eventually found success starring on NBC’s The West Wing as First Lady Abbey Bartlet and playing Betty Rizzo from Grease.

Channing has enjoyed several significant relationships throughout her illustrious career and currently finds herself single. Most recently, she dated actor Steve Kazee before parting ways in 2020; previously she had dated Jenna Dewan from Step Up; however they parted ways in 2019 after nine years together.

Though Channing may not currently be in a relationship, he remains active in the entertainment industry. He’s set to direct Magic Mike 2 and has multiple other projects underway – as well as working on rebooting classic Ghost, in which he plans to star as Patrick Swayze’s character!

Channing has spent his time off relaxing with friends and family – Everly and Calum are his daughters from his previous relationship with Dewan; they often spend their time at the beach together. Additionally, Channing recently established two production companies of his own: 33andOut Productions and Iron Horse Entertainment.

Channing enjoys spending his free time playing basketball with friends and caring for his horses. Additionally, he’s a committed philanthropist – raising funds for numerous charitable organizations including Make-a-Wish Foundation and Alzheimer’s Association to name just two! Channing has also been an avid supporter of mental health awareness, discussing his own battles with depression. In 2016, he created Channing Cares as an organization dedicated to supporting those coping with mental illness. He is an advocate for LGBTQ rights and has spoken out strongly against President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Additionally, he wrote the book An Inconvenient Truth which details his own experiences with depression – it is an important subject that everyone must become educated on.

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