Is Sadie Sink Going To Be In Marvel

Is Sadie Sink Going to Be in Marvel?

Sadie Sink shot to fame as Max Mayfield in Stranger Things, and her talent has opened many doors – one being Marvel Cinematic Universe where reports indicate she may soon appear as part of an MCU film.

Sink is being considered for Melissa Gold/Songbird in an upcoming Thunderbolts movie that’s currently in development and would reunite her with Stranger Things co-star David Harbour. Florence Pugh would join an ensemble cast including Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier; Wyatt Russell would play John Walker/US Agent; and Samuel L Jackson would serve as Bobby Drake.

Marvel Studios is always on the lookout for fresh talent, and actress fits this description perfectly. Her charismatic presence and critical acclaim has cemented her place among Hollywood actors; taking part in Marvel Cinematic Universe would provide an ideal opportunity for her to establish herself further.

Are You Wondering If Sadie Sink Will Join Marvel

Rumors swirl that Sadie Sink could play a part in an X-Men movie; however, no concrete evidence has ever surfaced supporting this speculation. Although not confirmed or established as fact; that doesn’t rule out her inclusion eventually but only suggests it won’t happen soon either way.

Fans can currently enjoy her performances in Stranger Things and other blockbuster movies, while those looking for more of the actress can look forward to her own Disney+ series starring Viv Vision (Visitors robotic daughter).

Sadie Sink will star in this series set to premiere on Disney+ platform sometime in 2026.

Given Sadie Sink’s dynamic with David Harbour on Stranger Things, it’s natural to wonder what role she will take up in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Rumor has it that he could appear as Songbird from 2024 Thunderbolts movie – an opponent turned ally with supersonic sound abilities rumored for that character.

Sink’s character of choice allows her to show the power of her voice and its impact on others. Furthermore, the actress can showcase a wide range of emotions — she can be calm and caring or become outright chaotic due to her abilities.

Marvel will need to find a time when Sink can fit their schedule if they want her for their Thunderbolts movie; she has already committed herself to Stranger Things Season 5, while filming Deadpool 3 may require splitting her time between both projects simultaneously, making it harder for another MCU movie at this time.

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