Is Nancy O’dell Pregnant

Is Nancy O’Dell Pregnant?

Nancy O’Dell of Access Hollywood admits she was initially overwhelmed upon finding out she was pregnant; having never experienced motherhood before, every celebrity interviewed on her show seemed pregnant or had just given birth! To help, friends hosted a baby shower for her and provided her with an advice-packed scrapbook highlighting all aspects of gestation.

O’Dell applied these tips during her own pregnancy with daughter Ashby. In Full of Life, this beloved broadcaster opens up about everything from her initial joy at learning she was expecting to the unexpected challenges and insights into caring for a newborn in arms.

One of the best pieces of advice she received was to forgo foot massages as stimulating certain pressure points in a woman’s feet can actually induce labor. Furthermore, sleeping on your left side while pregnant helps improve circulation and lower the chance of leg cramps developing.

Nancy learned another valuable tip while pregnant: to use a soft bristled toothbrush and floss more regularly due to hormonal changes causing increased blood flow to gums, leading to pregnancy gingivitis – something best treated using a soft bristled toothbrush brushed gently while flossing more often and using warm salt water rinses as often.

Nancy has always been an enthusiastic fitness enthusiast, and that hasn’t changed during her pregnancies. In a Pregnancy magazine photo shoot she donned a leggy graphic mini and revealed one of her secrets for staying sexy during gestation: performing discus throw exercises! These multi-muscle group workouts work wonders in helping reduce belly fat.

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