Is Katie Feeney And Sean Still Together

Is Katie Feeney and Sean Still Together?

If you are a fan of TikTok star Katie Feeney, you may be wondering whether she and her boyfriend Sean Yamada are still together. They make for an adorable couple and fans love seeing them together in videos or pictures; however, there have been rumors that they have split up.

Katie Feeney and Sean Have Been Dating since High School

According to The Sun magazine, Katie Feeney has been dating her childhood best friend Sean Yamada since she was four. They met while classmates at Sherwood High School in Maryland where they started dating as seniors.

Their relationship was very sweet, and they had a lot of fun together. Unfortunately, the couple is quite private and rarely posts on social media platforms.

They Post Together a Few Weeks Ago

A few weeks ago, the two were seen posting on Instagram together and it appeared they were enjoying some time off or going on vacation. There hasn’t been much communication between the two on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, as neither have many followers.

They Are Still a Couple

After dating for years, it appears that this couple remains very compatible. They both enjoy spending time together and going on vacations together, as well as sharing a deep affectionate bond. Spending time together has brought them much joy over the years.

They Are Still Together in 2022

These two have been dating since childhood and appear to be very content together. Though they rarely post on Instagram, the couple certainly takes many pictures together for special occasions.

They Are Still Together with Kids

The two are currently living in California with their two kids, Maggie and Tess. The children are adorable – their smiles show it off!

They make an adorable couple

This couple shares a great amount of love for one another. They spend time together and enjoy spending quality time with their friends. Additionally, they take many pictures and videos of each other with their children to commemorate this special time in their lives.

They Make a Super Cute Couple

The TikTok star is adorable and always kind to her fans. Additionally, she shows support for her friends and family members as well.

She enjoys a close bond with her parents and appreciates their support. Additionally, she has two brothers named Peter and Michael whom she considers very protective of her; they always ensure she stays safe.

They Are an Adorable Couple

The TikTok star has a very positive outlook and friendly demeanor. She enjoys having fun and being kind to her fans, plus she makes comedy videos and dance videos on her account on TikTok. She enjoys making comedy videos as well as dance videos for fans on her platform.

They Are an Adorable Couple

These two have been dating for some time and seem to be extremely contented together. Though they don’t post often on Instagram, they take plenty of photos and videos of each other with their children.

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