Is Brooke Ence Married

Is Brooke Ence Single?

Brooke Ence is an award-winning CrossFit athlete, fitness model and actress best known for her impressive performances at the Reebok CrossFit Games. She has amassed an incredible following online as an inspiration for many women around the globe and is also a successful entrepreneur with her own fitness products, training app and skincare lines.

Although she has achieved considerable success, Brooke Ence has maintained her privacy in regards to her love life, keeping most details under wraps. That being said, we will look into Brooke Ence’s dating history in more depth in this article and determine whether or not she is currently single.

Brooke Ence married Marston Sawyers in a private ceremony in 2017. They first met each other at a Del Taco restaurant back in 2007 and soon started dating; eventually becoming competitive together as well as film projects together. Unfortunately, in 2020 the pair announced their separation citing unknown reasons.

After her divorce, Brooke Ence took time off dating in order to focus on her career and develop herself further. Later she began seeing J.C. Deen, an author and fitness coach. They dated briefly until they parted ways.

Brooke became involved with fellow CrossFit star Mat Fraser but they never confirmed their romance; instead they often trained and competed together. In 2019, Brooke published a video on YouTube asking fans not to inquire into her personal life and respecting her privacy.

Brooke has garnered not only incredible professional success, but has also become an influential Instagram influencer with over 1.5 million followers and counting. Additionally, she is a certified trainer and runs her own fitness program known as the ‘Boogie Method’ that provides workouts designed to help women reach their fitness goals.

Brooke has made significant strides beyond fitness with her program by creating and launching several branded items, including ENCwear clothing line, training app, and skincare product Athia. Furthermore, she hosts her own YouTube channel where she posts regular fitness-related videos. She is an extremely gifted individual who has become known in the fitness field and continues to make waves every day. Brooke is making waves with her acting career as well, already appearing in movies such as Wonder Woman and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) where she played Amazon warrior Penthiselea. Stay tuned for updates! Brooke turns 35th birthday is in 219 days so don’t forget to follow her on social media such as Twitter or Instagram and subscribe to her newsletter which can be found by following the link in her bio!

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