Is Below Deck Down Under Having A Reunion

Below Deck Down Under Isn’t Having A Reunion

Reunions of Below Deck can be an exciting treat for fans, giving them a glimpse of how their favorite cast members have evolved since filming wrapped. Below Deck Down Under provided fans with plenty of drama and entertainment, leaving many wanting more after its finale aired. However, unlike many Bravo shows, Below Deck Down Under did not receive a formal reunion event after its conclusion – what happened instead?

Bravo’s Below Deck franchise is famed for its captivating and entertaining reality television reunions. Franchisees return to the Bravo clubhouse and share their ups and downs with host Andy Cohen; during these reunions it is not unusual for feuds between crew members to escalate – some cast members even having been fired due to heated disagreements among staff members – yet in spite of all this drama cast members tend to find some common ground during reunions.

Captain Jason Chambers and his crew members from Below Deck Down Under will address some of the main issues from their charter season aboard Thalassa. Yachties will discuss why 3rd stewardess Margot and her boyfriend Luke were kicked off after Captain Jason discovered their affair, as well as why 2nd stewardess Daisy Kelliher and chief stew Jamie Sayed decided not to continue dating each other.

At the reunion, fans will likely discuss Mads Herrera and Chase Lemacks’ on/off romance. Yachties may revisit their debate as to whether or not Mads and Chase should have been allowed to date; Mads and Chase may defend that their relationship was platonic rather than sexual; Mads may provide her side of the story regarding an alleged affair between their ex-partner Gary and Mads;

One major challenge the crew will likely have to address are reports about second stewardess Brittini Burton’s romantic involvement with deckhand Culver Bradbury, though neither shared details in their season one exit interview. While neither shared any specifics about their romance in season 1 exit interviews, Brittini hinted they spent time together after filming had finished and established Big P-sy Energy which provides women a space in which to explore, embrace, and embody their sensual energy.

Below Deck Down Under is a spinoff of Below Deck Mediterranean that premiered on Bravo in 2022 and stars many of the same crew members, such as Chef Ryan McKeown and 3rd stewardess Magda Ziomek who were fired following an argument between themselves. At Season 4 reunion for Below Deck Mediterranean, Chef Ryan revealed he wouldn’t apologize to Aesha Scott for telling her not to have “cheffy tantrums”, to which Aesha responded that no apology would be necessary because you should feel ashamed of yourself! She added there were few rules between yachties once season was done with.

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