Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Menu

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Menu

Intelligentsia coffee & tea has locations throughout Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles and is one of the leading specialty beverage retailers worldwide. Their dedication to sourcing, roasting and providing world-class coffees has revolutionized an industry.

Intelligentsia Coffee Company has also taken great steps toward sustainability and social responsibility. They promote direct sourcing, offer fair prices for their coffee beans and support farmers and communities worldwide. Intelligentsia is at the forefront of the third wave coffee movement and has become a household name.

Intelligentsia also offers an assortment of pastries and snacks to complement its signature drinks, whether as part of an accompaniment for coffee or tea or simply enjoyed on their own.

Intelligentsia’s coffee buyers travel the globe visiting family farms and smallholder co-ops in order to select only premium quality crops, then roast these beans to bring out vibrant flavors. Intelligentsia boasts an extensive selection of coffee from many regions around the world such as Ethiopian Harrar, Guatemalan Antigua, Kenyan Kirinyaga and Colombian Supremo among many others.

This cafe also serves a selection of loose-leaf teas, such as rooibos chai, white yerba mate, green hibiscus tea, oolong jasmine tea and black and green pu-erh. Warm (in form of brew or latte) or iced versions can be provided upon request. Furthermore, the cafe offers cocktails and shakes related to tea such as the Black Cat Shake made with single extraction espresso combined with Salt & Straw double fold vanilla ice cream from Salt & Straw double fold vanilla double fold vanilla ice cream all topped off by garnishing of whipped cream!

Intelligentsia sells an assortment of home brewing products and classes to teach tea enthusiasts how to craft delicious cups at home, such as Turkish grinds, whole beans, filter mugs, various kettle styles, scales, drippers and electric brewers. Their knowledgeable team also offers classes on various methods of producing great cups of tea!

Intelligentsia features a small indoor area with only a handful of seats at their counter, providing prompt and efficient service. Their menu is straightforward, while their staff offers tailored recommendations based on your tastes. Though prices may be higher than other coffee shops, their authentic whole bean coffee more than makes up for this disparity – perfect for before your flight as they sell fresh bags full of their premium whole beans to take with you on their journey home or as souvenirs; their branded merchandise includes ceramic mugs, travel tumblers, coffee bean grinders French press mugs as well as T-shirts and hoodies!

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