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Bonnie Lee Bakley

Bonnie Lee Bakley was a con artist with an ill-conceived plan. Born in 1956 in Morristown, New Jersey, Bonnie’s childhood trauma and sexual abuse inspired a burning desire to become famous, which quickly turned into criminal activity – eventually landing her behind bars.

After dropping out of high school, she moved to New York where she attended Barbizon Modeling School and soon started landing some minor modeling gigs. Over time, her desire for stardom turned into an insatiable appetite to become wealthy and famous.

Her first marriage was to Evangelos Paulakis, an immigrant in need of a visa who married Bakley for an agreed upon fee in return for remaining in America. Shortly after they wed, however, Bakley terminated the relationship and Paulakis was deported back home.

Bakley used her sex-making scheme as an excuse to travel around and stay mobile, attending concerts she admired in order to meet up with musicians she idolized and even using stolen credit cards and identification to gain entry. Bakley would often make Jerry Lee Lewis her target, sneaking into performances or attending parties just so she could get close.

Bakley was an expert con artist when it came to running lonely hearts ads. Her sleazy newspaper ads attracted many men looking for closeness with celebrities; her address book included names of both sex stars and rich men; while sex magazine advertisements claimed she was trisexual but actually preferred sadomasochism and couple’s sex!

Bakley ended her life being involved with Christian Shannon Brando, son of actor Marlon Brando. Over time she claimed he was the father of her daughter Lenore Sophia Blake; however, paternity tests demonstrated otherwise and proved her true paternity was that of Blake.

Bakley was shot dead while sitting in her husband, Blake’s, parked car outside of a restaurant in Studio City, California on May 4, 2001. Blake was her tenth spouse; they left two children behind for their legacy.

Bonnie Lee Bakley remains a mystery even today, as it remains a nebulous subject of investigation. Driven by an obsession to become wealthy and famous, Bakley married 10 times with no particular affinity towards famous people; additionally she was known for engaging in numerous fraudulent schemes – one even making its way into Radio Days film!

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