Ihop Protein Pancakes Nutrition Information

IHOP Protein Pancakes Nutrition Information

IHOP recently introduced several items to its menu that offer a protein boost, like its protein pancakes. Perfect for anyone seeking to start their day right with something nutritious that will keep them feeling full until lunch or dinnertime, these pancakes provide fiber and protein rich options while being high in carbs so should be enjoyed sparingly.

IHOP’s Protein Power Pancakes provide a healthier option for breakfast that are lower in both calories and fat content than traditional buttermilk pancakes. Made with whole grain rolled oats, barley, rye as well as flaxseed, chia seeds, and whey protein powder; IHOP’s new pancakes boast over double the protein found in its original buttermilk pancakes!

Protein is an essential nutrient that promotes muscle growth and maintains a strong immune system. IHOP’s Protein Power Pancakes offer an easy way to add more protein into their diets.

IHOP pancakes are low in both calories and fat content, making them an ideal option for people watching their weight or with health-related restrictions. Unfortunately, these treats do not meet gluten-free criteria; therefore, they may not be appropriate for people with celiac disease or food allergies; however, as their ingredients list can be found online so those with special diets can determine if their protein pancakes meet those requirements.

To create these pancakes at home, a few key ingredients and cooking supplies will be required. The recipe calls for two scoops of protein powder from most grocery stores’ protein supplement section; eggs (an excellent source of both protein and healthy fats); cottage cheese or Greek yogurt for extra protein; baking powder and vanilla extract to give your pancakes their light, fluffy texture; as well as baking powder and vanilla extract as a rising agent.

These pancakes can be enjoyed as either a meal or used as the foundation of a fruit-based dessert. Once made, these can be stored either in the refrigerator for five days or frozen up to three months and placed into an airtight container or ziplock bag for storage. Once frozen, these delicious breakfast bowls can be easily defrosted in the refrigerator overnight or quickly heated in a microwave, adding flavor and nutrition with various add-ins such as berries or nuts for more variety and variety. Switch out whey protein for another source of protein-rich ingredients such as egg whites or greek yogurt for a protein boost, use maple syrup or stevia for healthier sweeteners and opt for leaner meat choices like turkey bacon or sausage to lower saturated fat content in your dish.

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