Ig Model Sent Home Instagram

A Man From Miami Was Fooled by an IG Model

An Instagram model in Miami who appeared beautiful and curvier on social media led him astray when they came to meet in person, only for him to discover her body looked completely different in real life than expected. Dismayed at what he found out he threw her out immediately claiming she looked slimmer and smaller than expected with smaller breasts as well. Her story quickly went viral online due to this man claiming they thought they had more curves on Instagram!

Instagram modeling can be an arduous pursuit, yet anyone with enough talent and determination can become famous through Instagram modeling. Models frequently work with brands to promote products they promote, making thousands of dollars daily from sponsorships and content production.

Many of them also boast seductive images that give them an extra edge in the market, drawing in large and passionate fan bases who follow them every move.

Popular Instagram models include Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner. Of these three models, Gigi is among the best known models globally, having worked with some of the finest fashion designers. She’s also an accomplished actress and has graced multiple magazine covers over time.

Bella, her sister, is also an immensely successful model with an enormous following on IG and has modeled for many renowned luxury brands. Additionally, she is a published author and social media influencer.

Luka Sabbat is another well-known Instagram model who is considered Gen Z’s “It boy.” With over 20 million followers on his account and regular collaborations with big fashion brands such as Dior and Adidas, he also owns his own creative production company.

He has an eclectic style, which his followers appreciate. His Instagram content features fashion shots, modeling gigs and occasional influencer collaborations – not forgetting his friendly demeanor that makes him relatable for many followers.

Kaia stands out from this list by being both an Instagram influencer and runway model/celebrity. With an elegant yet seductive style in her images and working with some of the top fashion brands in her field, Kaia also is a social activist with a huge and loyal following on IG.

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