I Want To Play With Some Friends In Spanish

I Want to Play With Some Friends in Spanish

Are You Wanting to Play Spanish Games One of the key aspects of making Spanish friends is being proactive about meeting people. Spaniards don’t expect people reaching out, so you should be the one extending an offer for a meeting – even if it means just meeting over coffee! Don’t be intimidated to start small by asking to join classes or gym classes where possible – maybe start small and ask if it would be possible to meet up at lunch time, for instance.

Another great way to meet new people and build connections online is through language exchange partners – whether they be native-speakers who wish to practice their English with you, or expats looking for language partners themselves. Not only will you be improving your Spanish but you may even make great friendships!

As you hang out with new friends, don’t be intimidated by making mistakes! Spaniards tend not to judge people for not speaking perfectly and will likely be more understanding if you try your hardest at communicating with them. Also consider listening to native Spanish speakers through podcasts and vlogs so you can gain confidence by hearing how they sound in real life!

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