Human Made Jean Jacket

Buying a Human Made Jean Jacket

Human Made has recently joined forces with Levi’s on two denim styles from their 506 WWII Trucker Jacket and 1944 501 Jean collections – both made of pre-shrunk 15-ounce Japanese selvedge denim for maximum comfort and inspired by vintage denim pieces Nigo has collected throughout his years at Human Made.

The jacket’s front buttons feature distinctive kimono-style stitching to pay homage to Japanese culture, and its back pocket displays an embroidered “HUMAN MADE” logo paired with its duck motif – both features featuring red accents on either bird wing in tribute to Levi Strauss & Co’s signature red tab which can also be found here.

Considerations should be given when deciding the style and cut of denim jacket you wish to purchase, including its cut, color and length. A basic waist-length or upper-thigh style jacket works best; shorter jackets may appear too girlish and feminine; for an eye-catching statement makeover opt for something longer instead.

Some jackets also come in various materials and styles; denim can be seen alongside leather or nylon materials.

When purchasing a jean jacket, quality fabric makes an enormous difference in both appearance and durability. A well-made jacket should feature clean, crisp lines with strong stitches that don’t slip.

As with any jacket purchase, pay particular attention to its fit, particularly around the shoulders and sleeves. A good jacket should feel snug yet not restrict your movement – and move freely when worn without feeling restricted by it.

Cuffs should extend slightly past shoulders, and there should be ample space in the collar to tie your tie without bulging too much. This will create a balanced and neat appearance without too many details or embellishments.

When selecting the ideal denim jacket color, it’s essential to understand which hues work well with other items in your wardrobe. Darker blue hues add depth, while lighter shades create an airy aesthetic and allow the jacket to stand out more clearly.

Apart from that, you should also look out for materials and quality that can be seen throughout the garment, like buttons, cuffs and zippers – this will show that it was built to stand the test of time rather than put together quickly for quick sales.

The jean jacket is an iconic wardrobe essential, beloved for decades by consumers everywhere – so it comes as no surprise that designers continue to reinvent it with modern flair. Here are a few of the best options available in 2018.

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