How to Stay Productive on a Business Trip

Business travel will not only take you away from your loved ones, but you will need to spend a lot of time away from your workplace, which could disturb your routine. Rather than viewing a trip as a waste of much of your time, try to become more efficient at your destination to complete time-sensitive tasks and lower your workload once you return home.

Don’t allow the travel experience to affect your busy schedule. Read the following advice on how to stay productive on a business trip.

Enter an Airport’s Business Lounge

If you are happy to check off tasks during travel to lighten your heavy workload, enter the business class lounge at an airport. Rather than twiddling your thumbs while waiting for a flight, use your time more productively by sitting in a relaxing, quiet business lounge. You can use the complimentary Wi-Fi to scratch tasks off your list, send emails, or delegate to others.

Communicate with Your Office

Limit your workload and lower stress levels by informing your office of your business trip plans. For instance, ask co-workers to complete specific tasks during your absence or pass various responsibilities on to trusted subordinates.

Also, advanced notice of a business trip could prevent your PA from scheduling meetings or sessions on your travel dates. Informing your team of an upcoming business trip will allow you to focus 100% of your attention on impressing a client, vendor, or business partner once you arrive at the destination.

Tick Off Tasks by Hot Desking

Hot desking is a smart way to check tasks off your lists, network with professionals, and prevent loneliness during a business trip. For instance, if you’re traveling to the Big Smoke for a conference, meeting, or pitch, you can enter a hot desk hire London office for a day or more to tick off jobs, connect with people in various industries, and use dependable Wi-Fi. It will serve as a temporary office during travel, allowing you to return home with a lighter workload and less stress.

Book a Direct Flight to Your Destination

Connecting flights can add hours onto your business trip, increasing your frustration, tiredness, and stress. Save yourself time and hassle by booking a direct flight to your destination, if possible. Remember, one flight delay can lead to two delays if you book a connecting flight, and may cause you to miss a meeting, conference, or pitch altogether.

Organize Dinner with a Client or Connection

Maximize every minute of the day during a business travel by asking a client or business connection to join you for dinner at a high-end restaurant. It could help you develop a friendly rapport, which could serve you well in your career.

For example, a friendlier client relationship could secure their loyalty to your company. Also, meeting with a professional from your network could influence your success, as they could open the door to one or more business or career opportunities throughout the years.

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