How To Put Medals On A Varsity Jacket

How to Put Medals on a Varsity Jacket

The varsity jacket is a timeless symbol of success in high school sports. Not only does it signify hard work and dedication, but also the pride that comes from accomplishing something major during your high school career.

Placing medals on a varsity jacket is an impressive way to show off your student’s accomplishments and the hard work that went into them. Whether they earned their latest medal while competing in their sport or were honored with an honorable mention award, this is the perfect way to commemorate this achievement and turn it into a keepsake.

Varsity jackets are usually constructed out of black jacket fabric with snaps on the front to secure them to your body. They feature a traditional stand-up collar with two scarlet stripes down each sleeve, and usually feature either a belt loop or waist band at the bottom of each sleeve for easy wearing.

On the right chest of a jacket, students and colleges can display their names along with the sport or activity in which they excel. This information is usually sewn onto the fabric through either a chenille patch or direct embroidery.

Another distinguishing feature of varsity jackets is their left chest, which displays your letterman jacket pin (see below), sports patches earned throughout high school, and optional mascot patch. A letterman jacket pin or mascot patch would look great here too.

How to Display Medals on a Varsity Jacket

A medal is an impressive way to display your accomplishment and it will serve as a lasting memento of their athletic experience. It serves as both a small token of appreciation for those who played for their team and reminders of how much fun they had playing for it.

When selecting a medal, be sure to inspect its metal inserts and chenille award patches for quality assurance. If these components aren’t of exceptional quality, your medal won’t look as impressive as it could have been.

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